Building Wealth Through Real Estate
About Tim
When I first got involved in real estate back in 2005, I was working a full-time job in the marketing field and I was fortunate enough for my parents to put a down payment on a condo. I was living in the master bedroom of a 2 bedroom + den condo, and I was renting out one of the bedrooms and the den to University students to supplement my rent payments to my parents to cover their mortgage.
What Tim Does
Tim walks real estate investors through the whole investing process from initial strategy planning, finding properties, crunching the numbers all the way through choosing the best tenant. He’ll provide access to his “real estate dream team” including lawyers, accountants, mortgage brokers and contractors.

Tim is part of Rock Star Real Estate Inc., Brokerage and the Titan Investment Real Estate team and has helped hundreds of investors build equity and grow their portfolio.

How does coaching work?

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Typical Agent Greed…You Decide

So this is a story, more than an 'article'. It happened a couple weeks ago. Our family is looking into a larger home to upgrade, so I'm representing myself as the Buyer agent. I'm disclosing this because it does play a part in the story. So my wife and I saw a house...

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5 “Ninja Tips” When Screening Tenants

I'm in the processing of screening a bunch of tenants right now for different properties so I figured I put together a quick cheat sheet of non-conventional tips that you may or may not have thought of before. Most of these are probably not 'legitimate reasons' by...

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Where’s the Market Going?

From my last article, I had some good discussion with multiple people where the "peak" of the market is going to be. That's hardest part to tell. If we look at the historic data that happened from last crash, I attached the picture again below for reference. It peaked...

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The Real Estate Market is going to CRASH!

Actually, I have no idea if the real estate market is going to crash...but let's look at some historic data and dissect it a bit. Take a look at the image above. Toronto only had a real estate 'crash' back in 1989. Look at the build up of average prices from 1986 to...

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Protecting Your Real Estate with Life Insurance

After you've bought a property, whether that be your personal residence or as an investment, you want to make sure you protect it in case anything does happen. This is assuming you have a mortgage on it. There's so many insurance products out there, but for your real...

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