I’m in the processing of screening a bunch of tenants right now for different properties so I figured I put together a quick cheat sheet of non-conventional tips that you may or may not have thought of before. Most of these are probably not ‘legitimate reasons’ by landlord tenant board or the Residential Tenancy Act, so if you do decline their application, just say you found a better suited applicant. lol

None of these “guarantee” the best tenants, so use them at your discretion.

1. Set a specific time to show the property. Example 6pm. If they don’t show up by 6:15pm. Leave. Don’t waste your time waiting for them OR even showing them the unit again. If they can’t follow simple instructions, and didn’t communicate with you that they’re going to be late…their rent payments may mimic that.

2. Look at what they wear and how the present themselves. Yes, you do stereotype when renting to people. Enough said. lol

3. The more people who are going to be occupying the unit (i.e. including kids and pets), the more likely for wear and tear.

4. Check Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIN and other social platforms and search for their names, phone numbers or email addresses. A lot of people keep their profiles open to public still for some reasons.

5. Trust your GUT. When you meet the tenant, if they don’t give you that good “gut feel”, pass on them. Whether or not they are good on paper, just pass. It’ll save you a bunch of potential┬áheadache.